To fulfill our customer needs, we offer our services with experienced technicians and complete equipment to give one stop solutions products and services. Our experiences in dealing with Industrial Hose gives us the capability and competency to offer services for:

1. Hose assembly

We provide equipment and capable technicians for hose swaging and crimping.

2. Customize Hose Ends

Custom fitting for different machines based on customers request. Our Workshop well equipped, and our experienced technicians well trained.

3. Hose Testing

Available for hose testing.

We have NDT and standard Hose test : Pressure, Elongation, and Electrical Continuity test

Hydrostatic pressure test up 15.000 PSI for all kind hoses

4. Repair and maintenance

Available for hoses repair and maintain.  Yearly test and maintainenance : visual inspection, pressure test, hose  cleaning, replacement rope hose cover and others.

5. SKID and Lube tank assembly

Our technicians and Engineers  have experience to build SKID and Lube Tank, on request.

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