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Smooth Bore
Fluid, Gas, and Material Transfer Solution

Looking for qualified Industrial Hoses?

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We have a full range of  hose for applications to : Pressure Air, Water, Steam, Oil and Gas, Liquid Gas, Food, Standard/Aggressive/Heavy Chemical, Abrasive materials.


We are Indonesia’s Authorized Distributor for numerous hose brands :

Hose Material made from: RUBBER, METAL, PTFE, PU, PVC 

High quality  Couplings, Quick Coupling, Emergency Release Coupling, Hose Mender, Nipples, Clamps, Fittings, Ferrules, Flanges, Adapter and Expansion Joint are available on request.

All assembled hose products are available serve with :


      Design and drawing before assembly 




 Pressure Test and Certificate 

   For safety purposes and as warranty, all assembled hose will  be tested and prior to delivery


  Label of Hose Identity 

  Hoses Assembled made by us have their own identity label. The label is made for tracking the     hose historical and details.




 Fast delivery 

  We have complete hoses stock and stand by technicians to ensure fast delivery. We will support customer need as fast as possible.


(+62-21) 29237603- 06